2008 Media Festivals...

Audience Categories
Entries are assigned to one of five audience categories based upon the information supplied on the entry form. Review the following classifications care­fully before completing your application to insure accurate placement and to avoid disqualification. You may elect to have HeSCA assign your production by indicating that you are unable to classify your entry

Note:Public Service Announcements , Medical Health Reports, and Distance Education are special categories for video productions only.

Public Service Announcements (PSA) and Medical Health Reports (MHR) - Brief programs intended for general audiences to encourage proper health practice or to announce available health services. The PSA is brief, limited to no more than 60 seconds. The MHR is limited to not more than 4 minutes. Please Note: Each PSA or MHR is considered a separate entry and requires an individual entry form and fee. Multiple entries however, may be grouped on one videocassette for convenience.