General Festival Rules

Entries must be on a health, medical or bioscience subject of educational value to health professionals, biocommunica­tors, students and/or the general public.

Entries for the HeSCA Media Festivals must have been produced, copyrighted and/or released in 2006 or later.

There is no limit to the number of entries anyone may submit, but each entry requires a separate, completed entry form and fee. Entries that are part of a series MUST be entered as individual pieces. Exception: See the entry form for submitting website entries.

Each entrant will cover the cost of shipping entries to the Festival. C.O.D. packages will NOT be accepted. Please refrain from using packing material which is subject to shredding. Financial responsibility of the Media Festivals for any loss or damage to an entry while in HeSCA's possession is limited to the lesser of the cost of a duplicate or $50.00.

Entry Form Information
When completing the entry form, be sure that you have completed all appropriate boxes and lines. Your entry(s) must be accompanied by a check or money order made out in U.S. Funds to: HeSCA. Institutional Purchase Orders are acceptable. Submission of entries by FAX is acceptable. Payment may also
be made by credit card. HeSCA accepts payment via MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

The information you supply on your entry form will be used for catalog preparation, awards and announcements. Double check your information and spelling. Complete every part of the entry form.

Note: HeSCA makes all awards (with the exception of the Holly Harrington-Lux Award) to institutions or corporate entities. The organization listed in your address will be credited with the production of your entry unless you specify a producing institution in the space provided!

The Statement of Objectives may be the most important part of the entry form. The information that you supply will be a significant factor (up to 33%) in the judges' scoring. The Statement of Objectives should state why your production was created. It is not a description of the program. See the entry form (page 2) for LRC catalog information. Make your statement(s) direct and concise.

Incomplete, inaccurate or improperly completed entry forms may result in entry disqualification

Entry Fees

Film & Video
$  70.00
$ 120.00
Return Shipping* (if requested):
Continental US
Add $10/entry
Other Destinations
Add $20/entry