Come for the 28th International Conference on Health & Science Communications in Bethlehem and stay for the Slice of Life conference in Philadelphia!

Imagine two great conferences with programs of interest to medical communications professionals, held in the same region, and on successive weeks. Well, that's exactly what's happening in Bethlehem and Philadelphia in June. The HeSCA conference concludes on Saturday, June 21 and the Slice of Life conference begins on Tuesday, June 24, 2003.

Those who wish to attend both conferences will enjoy the following benefits:

  • HeSCA attendees who register for the Slice of Life conference will receive a $50 discount on their Slice of Life registration fee.
  • HeSCA attendees may register for Slice of Life Workshops without having to register for Slice of Life Meeting.
  • Attendees of Slice of Life conference who also wish to attend the HeSCA conference can do so at the HeSCA member rates
  • Slice of Life attendees may register for HeSCA workshops at the HeSCA member rate without having to register for HeSCA meeting

Bethlehem is about an hour from Philadelphia. It's easy to get to, too. Since you'll be in the area, this is an opportunity for you to attend both conferences. (What a vacation!!) And don't worry, you'll find plenty to do in those two days between conferences.

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