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Generic Name: modafinil (moe DAF i nil) Modafinil 100mg
Brand Name: Provigil Generic Modafinil (Modalert) 200mg

Provigil to Promote Wakefulness

Provigil is an approved medication that serves a wakefulness promoting agent. Containing Modafinil as an active component, the drug affects the brain, changing the functioning of neurotransmitters, thus, producing the desirable changes. The treatment is commonly used to improve the symptoms of aggravating conditions, including shift work sleep disorders, narcolepsy, sleep apnea and others. Moreover, Provigil can be taken in other instances, not mentioned in the safety leaflet.

Right Before You Take the Drug: Contraindications, Precautions and Warnings

Do not start Provigil treatment course if you have ever experienced side effects or allergic reactions from Armodafinil or Modafinil. The medication is also not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding patients, since the active components may affect the health condition of an unborn and nursing child. Provigil cannot be used by any patient under 17 years old.
Inform your healthcare provider about all the illnesses, disorders and health complications you have to adjust a correct dose. Payultimateattention to:

  • Kidney or liver disorders;
  • Cirrhosis;
  • Chestpain;
  • Mentalimpairments;
  • Psychical disorders;
  • Heart-related conditions, such as high or low blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, congestive heart failure;
  • Alcohol or drug addiction and others.

Provigil will also decrease the effectiveness of your birth control. Ask your doctor for non-hormonal replacement.

Directions for the Medication Intake

Use Provigil in accordance with safety directions and doctor’s advice. Never increase or decrease the dose in order to avoid possible complications. Since Provigil can be habit-forming, you should not pass it to other people, even if they share similar symptoms. Store the treatment in place out of children’s reach and access of others.

To achieve the maximal possible effect and prevent daytime sleeping Provigil is commonly administered in the morning or at least an hour before the beginning of the work shift. Each tablet can be taken with or without food, though regularly and better at the same time each day. The whole Provigil treatment course usually lasts up to 12 weeks, depending on the condition and its severity.

Provigil Dosing Information

Your healthcare provider will recommend you the optimal Provigil dose suiting your disorder. Such factors as overall health condition, other pharmaceuticals used, etc. will be taken into account. Thus, an average Provigil dose for narcolepsy, sleep apnea and shift work disorders is 200 mg a day taken each morning.

Side Effects and Misuse Complications

Following all the requirements, you will eliminate possible complications and potential adverse reactions. The habit-formingtreatment can cause: 

  • Allergicreactions;      
  • Jaundice and urinationproblems;
  • Breathing issues;       
  • Peeling, blisters;
  • Fever;
  • Swelling and others.

In such cases, call your doctor immediately or seek emergency medical assistance.