HeSCA’s Wired Wednesday #1: LinkedIn

As Keven announced last week, the HeSCA website has been redesigned and is now using the WordPress CMS platform. To go along with these major changes, we have also set up a HeSCA presence on a number of social media and networking sites. Using these sites will make it easier for members to grow, strengthen and access our already valuable network. We also hope it will make it easier for prospective new members to discover us.

For the next several Wednesdays, we will release HeSCA-specific information about how our members can use each of these social media sites to their best advantage. The link to this information will be announced via the HeSCA listserv and will also be posted at hesca.org.

We begin this week by focusing on HeSCA’s presence on the professional networking site LinkedIn. Information about what LinkedIn is, how HeSCA is using it, and how you can join in the fun can be found at http://www.hesca.org/wired/linkedin.pdf.

Please take some time to help the HeSCA online community take root and flourish.

Next week we’ll be taking a look at the micro-blogging service Twitter.