2013 HeSCA Media Festivals

Unfortunately HeSCA will not be having a media festival this year.

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Information on last year’s festival follows:

The 2012 HeSCA Media Festivals

The Health and Science Communications Association is proud to announce the 38th annual HeSCA Media Festi­vals. The Festivals are an international forum for health sciences media. Our goal is to showcase and recognize those individuals and organizations whose works represent the very best in health sciences media production.

Productions entered in the competition are subjected to a demanding peer review using standardized judging criteria. A select number of these entries are presented prestigious awards at special ceremonies held in conjunction with the HeSCA Annual Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, June 23, 2012.

The Festivals are divided into categories based upon media format and intended audience so that your entry will be judged with comparable productions. Review the Festival and audience descriptions before completing the entry form so that your work will be assigned to the appropriate judging panel.

The purpose of the HeSCA Media Festival is to award health communications media demonstrating outstanding media design and production values. The HeSCA Media Festival is judged by leading biocommunication professionals with currency in the field. The criteria used in evaluating media are technical quality, production values and techniques, educational design, technological innovation, creativity, and craftsmanship of the media product.

Note: ê Judges of the HeSCA Media Festival do not judge the content (e.g., science, medical technique, therapy, or application) of a particular media production, and the content and opinions reflected in the media submitted are solely the opinions of the author(s) and are not endorsed by HeSCA.

Entries, Forms & Fees must be RECEIVED by February 29, 2012

HeSCA Video Festivals



Entries in this festival were originally produced in videotape formats. Original production format and NOT distribu­tion format is the criteria you should use to place your entry. There are six Video Festival categories: Curriculum Based Education, Continuing Education, Patient Education, General Health Information, Marketing, and Public Service Announcements (PSA) /Medical Health Reports (MHR).

Note: All video entries must be submitted in DVD format.

HeSCA Print Festivals



There are five print Festivals, based upon format. Carefully review the criteria in each Festival before completing your entry application. All print entries must have been produced for mass distribution. One-of-a-kind productions cannot be accepted.

Book – Text­books, programmed texts and manuals. Entries are individually published works. They consist of literary and/or graphic compositions which extend over numerous pages bound together into a single volume. They exist as an authoritative source of knowledge or instruction.

Brochure – Pamphlets and circulars. Short, unbound publications designed to promote, introduce or briefly describe an event, place or thing. They are designed as a means of distributing special purpose information, usually without cost to the reader.

Periodical – Magazines, journals, annual reports or other publications issued at periodic intervals. Note: Only one issue will be accepted per entry fee and form.

Campaign – A well-planned family (multiple components) of  printed material which work together to present a single concept or entity. Each complete cam­paign should be entered under one title and one entry fee. May consist of mastheads, logos, cards, booklets, etc.

Specialty Publication – Logos, calendars, posters, book covers, cards and any other form of print media which isn’t included in the above four categories. Please note that the competition is for complete productions only. Individual elements of a larger work will not be accepted (i.e. one article or the photographs for a book or brochure).

HeSCA Web Site Festival



Enter your health communications site on the WWW. Please note that if your website requires the use of a username and password, that information should be entered on the entry form (p.2) where requested. Entries must be freely accessible to the judges to qualify for the competition.

The Winners Festival

All winning productions entered into the Media Festivals will be available for viewing in the Winners Festival. Providing an opportunity for your work to be seen and evaluated by hundreds of biocommunicators.

Audience Categories

Entries are assigned to one of five audience categories based upon the information supplied on the entry form. Review the following classifications care­fully before completing your application to insure accurate placement and to avoid disqualification. You may elect to have HeSCA assign your production by indicating that you are unable to classify your entry.

Curriculum Based Education – Programs specifi­cally cre­ated for classroom use, for in-service training or in lieu of classroom instruction. The programs are intended to be in­tegral parts of a for­mal instructional or training program.

Continuing Education – Programs produced for the practicing health care professional to extend edu­cation and train in new techniques or applications. NOT intended for classroom use.

Patient Education – Programs intended for diagnosed patients or their families to increase their knowledge of a specific disease, to present specific treatment modalities and techniques, and/or to encourage compliance with treatment regimens.

General Information – Programs intended for the general, presumably healthy, lay public. Includes pro­grams designed to motivate healthy behavior (e.g. “Stop Smoking”) and to present non-professional information about a disease to the public (“About AIDS”).

Marketing – Programs which have, as one of their goals, the marketing of any product, service or institution. Includes programs such as “Your Clinic” or “Surgery with the XYZ scalpel”. Public relations programs are included here, such as programs designed to inform the public about special care services (e.g. “Health Fairs”) or student and staff re­cruiting.

Note: Public Service Announcements , Medical Health Reports, and Distance Education are special categories for video productions only.

Public Service Announcements (PSA) and Medical Health Reports (MHR) – Brief programs intended for general audiences to encourage proper health practice or to announce available health services. The PSA is brief, limited to no more than 60 seconds. The MHR is limited to not more than 4 minutes. Please Note: Each PSA or MHR is considered a separate entry and requires an individual entry form and fee. Multiple entries however, may be grouped on one videocassette for convenience.

Please review the “Return of Entry” information on the entry FORM.
Entries will NOT be automatically returned!

HeSCA Media Festivals Contact Information:

Mailing Address:
HeSCA Media Festivals
P. O. Box 217
Brooklyn, CT 06234

Shipping Address:
(UPS or Fedex)

HeSCA Media Festivals
170 Pomfret Rd.
Brooklyn, CT 06234

Contact Information:
Voice:   860-334-8158
email:   [email protected]

Festival Awards

The award structure for the 2012 HeSCA Media Festivals will consist of three award levels based upon production quality: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze awards will be presented to those productions, which achieve an “excellent” rating by a peer review panel using an objective scoring system. Bronze winners will receive a set of certificates recognizing their achievement.

Silver awards (an engraved plaque and certificates) will be awarded to those productions, which the peer review panels deem to be of superior quality from among the bronze winners. Silver award winning entries may be advanced to the gold level for further review.

Gold awards  (an engraved plaque and certificates) will be presented to those entries, which are representative of the very best in Health Science Communications. These awards will be presented in special ceremonies at the HeSCA Annual Awards Banquet.

Elmer Friman Best of Show Award

HeSCA’s most prestigious award is presented to the entry nominated by the judges from all Festivals and selected by a panel of HeSCA past presidents as demonstrating the highest standards of technical quality, production values and techniques, educational design, creativity and craftsmanship. The institution or organization and members of the production team will each receive a special commemorative plaque.

Holly Harrington-Lux Creative Design Award

Presented to an individual for excellence in creative design of a piece or sequence of artwork determined by peer judging to be the best entered in the Festivals.

Milton E. Adsit Excellence in Veterinary Medical Media Awards

Presented to entrants in any of the competitive Festi­vals for excellence in veterinary medical media.

General Festival Rules

Entries must be on a health, medical or bioscience subject of educational value to health professionals, biocommunica­tors, students and/or the general public.

Entries for the HeSCA Media Festivals must have been produced, copyrighted and/or released in 2010 or later.

There is no limit to the number of entries anyone may submit, but each entry requires a separate, completed entry form and fee. Entries that are part of a series MUST be entered as individual pieces. (Note: Websites are entered and judged in their entirety.)

Each entrant will cover the cost of shipping entries to the Festival. C.O.D. packages will NOT be accepted. Please refrain from using packing material which is subject to shredding. Financial responsibility of the Media Festivals for any loss or damage to an entry while in HeSCA’s possession is limited to the lesser of the cost of a duplicate or $50.00.

Entry Form Information

When completing the entry form, be sure that you have completed all appropriate boxes and lines. Your entry(s) must be accompanied by a check or money order made out in U.S. Funds to: HeSCA. Institutional Purchase Orders are acceptable. Submission of entries by email is preferred. Payment may also be made by credit card. HeSCA accepts payment via MasterCard, Visa or American Express.

The information you supply on your entry form will be used for catalog preparation, awards and announcements. Double check your information and spelling. Complete every part of the entry form.

Note: HeSCA makes all awards (with the exception of the Holly Harrington-Lux Award) to institutions or corporate entities. The organization listed in your address will be credited with the production of your entry unless you specify a producing institution in the space provided!

The Statement of Objectives may be the most important part of the entry form. The information that you supply will be a significant factor (up to 33%) in the judges’ scoring. The Statement of Objectives should state why your production was created. It is not a description of the program. See the entry form (page 2) for LRC catalog information. Make your statement(s) direct and concise.

Incomplete, inaccurate or improperly completed entry forms may result in entry disqualification.

Questions??? Call (860) 334-8158

Entry Fees




Film & Video 

$  70.00

$ 120.00







Return Shipping* (if requested): 

Continental US

Add $10/entry

Other Destinations

Add $20/entry

Note: To qualify as a member submission, the entry form must be submitted under the name of an active HeSCA member! Contact the HeSCA office for membership information at [email protected]