To advance an international community of professionals dedicated to promoting excellence in health and science communications through leadership, education, and the application of technology.

HeSCA promotes excellence in the profession, fosters leadership, and enhances collaboration across disciplines. We are committed to lifelong learning, professionalism, service to others, and our community of peers.

HeSCA encourages and enables our members to extend their professional expertise by:

  • Providing teaching and learning opportunities that include skills development and management training.
  • Facilitating interaction among peers and collaboration across disciplines.
  • Promoting the effective use of communications technologies by
    • Establishing best practices for existing technologies and
    • Developing, evaluating, and integrating emerging technologies.
  • Developing leaders, recognizing excellence, and supporting the use of ethical practices.
  • Conveying the concerns, issues, and concepts of health and science communications to others who influence and are affected by the profession.

HeSCA: Leadership in Health and Science Communications

Approved by the HeSCA Board of Directors July 2003