Social Media

LinkedIn: HeSCA’s primary social media presence is on LinkedIn. The purpose is to collaborate and share ideas with colleagues in all aspects of health sciences communications.  Please join us!  Simply sign in to LinkedIn, search “HeSCA” and click join.

Membership is open to people working, or with a professional interest, in the field of health and science communications.  If you fit that description (based on your LinkedIn profile), your request to join this group will be quickly approved.  Then ask a question, post a response, or just browse through ongoing discussions.

LinkedIn has some features that make it ideal for professional discussions. In addition, you can choose how often you want to hear from us: every time someone starts a new discussion, once a week summary of activities, or never. Based on your settings, LinkedIn will send you emails with links that will take you directly to discussion threads. Download instructions on how to set up preferences here.


Facebook: HeSCA also has a presence on Facebook.  Here you can find photos and other information about HeSCA activities.  Please “like” our Facebook page.


Twitter: For up-to-the-minute information, follow us @hesca and use @hesca in your tweets.