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On the Way to ADHD Treatment with Adderall

Containing Dextoamphetamine and Amphetamine as active components, Adderall serves a great stimulant of the central nervous system. The ingredients of the medication affect the nerves and brain chemicals, which can manage the impulses and balance hyperactivity. Consequently, Adderall is commonly used as a treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, narcolepsy and others. Additionally, the medication can be taken for other purposes, not listed in the safety guide.

Inevitable Safety Issues Necessary to Follow

Talk to your healthcare provider before starting the medication course. Make sure the drug will promote beneficial effects without any complications of side effects. To avoid the aggravations you should be sure you meet all the requirements and are not contraindicated for Adderall use. Generally, the treatment is not advised for patients, allergic to any of the active ingredients, as well as people who:

  • Have been taking MAO inhibitors within the last 14 days;
  • Are diagnosed with glaucoma, coronary artery disease, uncontrolled blood pressure, agitation, anxiety, depression, tension, overactive thyroid;
  • Are younger than 6 years old;
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding;
  • Have alcohol or drug addiction and others.

Moreover, a few fatal cases have been reported in Adderall users, who had extremely high blood pressure, heart disorders, history of family heart-related disorders and other dangerous conditions.
In addition, provide your doctor with a detailed list of diseases, health problems and disorders you have, paying exceptional attention to:

  • Seizures;
  • Abnormalbrainwavetest;
  • Motortics;
  • Psychicaldisorder;
  • Problems with the blood circulation, etc.

Achieving the Desirable Adderall Effect: Recommendations for Use and Doses

First and foremost, to get the advantage of Adderall course, a patient should follow all the prescriptions and safety instructions. Follow the directions and never change the adjustments.

Adderall is a potent drug, which can be habit-forming. Thus, never pass the treatment to other patients with similar symptoms. Otherwise, he/she risks experiencing a small positive effect with many complications. Adderall can be used both with and without food, preferable in the morning. Frequent medical tests will be required in order to track the progress of the medication course. Each Adderall dose is individualized and recommended for every case. However, an average dose necessary for a positive impact is 10 mg.

Adderall Interactions and Possible Outcomes

Adderall may interact with other pharmaceuticals, especially:

  • Blood thinners;
  • Seizureremedies;
  • Cold medicines;
  • Blood pressure treatments;
  • Antidepressants and others.

Such combinations may result in severe complications, such as allergic reactions, problems breathing, vision changes, muscle tenderness, pain, hallucinations and others.