Service Awards

The Golden Raster Award

The Golden Raster Award is the most prestigious honor given by the Health and Science Communications Association.

The Council on Medical Television (the organization from which HeSCA evolved) established the award in 1967.

As a “raster” provides stability and form to the electronic image so the “Golden Raster” recognizes those individuals who have provided stability and inspiration to the HeSCA organization through imaginative leadership and unswerving service. In addition, the award is intended to recognize contributions, which such individuals have made as leaders and innovators in the field of health science education and instructional technology. Therefore the Golden Raster Award represents the culmination of distinguished service and distinguished achievement.

2012 Roger Hickinbotham
2011 Charles “Chuck” Lenosky
2010 Ron Sokolowski
2009 Keven Siegert
2006 Arlyn Bonfield
2005 Charles “Chuck” Cox
2004 Logan Ludwig, Ph. D.
2002 Jim Barrett, Ed.D.
2001 Shelley Bader, Ed.D.
2000 Jackson Townsend, Ph.D.
2000 Richard McNeely
1998 Thomas A. Singarella, Ph.D.
1993 Joseph A. Day
1990 Robert M. Brecht, Ph.D.
1986 Stewart L. White
1981 Leon G. Benschoter
1981 Reba A. Benschoter
1979 Phyllis Duke
1976 Sam Agnello
Joseph E. Markee, M.D.
Edward Bird, M.D.
David Ruhe, M.D.


Distinguished Achievement

Recognizes individuals and organizations who have accomplished significant goals over a period of time, and whose cumulative achievements are notable.

2010 National Center for Accessible Media (NCAM)
2003 Nova
2002 National Film Board of Canada
1992 C. Everett Koop, M.D.
1986 William T. Harrison, Ph.D.


Special Achievement

  Recognizes individuals who have accomplished a significant goal or established a landmark in the field of biocommunications.

2012 Craig Locatis, PhD
2001 Neil Izenberg, MD
1993 Michael Ackerman
1986 Carol L. Hampton
1986 F. Keigh Fearon


Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award Recognizes members of HeSCA who have demonstrated an outstanding level of service in a variety of areas over a long period of time.

2010 Ron Sokolowski
2009 Kathy McFall
2007 Lynn Povanda
2007 Christopher Sarley 
2006 Chuck Lenosky
2005 Arlyn Bonfield
2004 Roger Hickinbotham
2003 Sam Dement
2002 Carol Hampton
2001 Keven Siegert
1997 Karen Snyder
1997 Jim E. Barrett, Ph.D.
1996 Jackson Townsend, Ph.D.
1995 Gregory B. Lyon
1995 Karen I. Adsit, Ph.D.
1993 Charles “Chuck” Cox
1991 Logan T. Ludwig, Ph.D.
1990 Richard A. McNeely
1989 Gloria “Corki” Wilson
1988 Joseph A. Day
1987 Jay Raeben
1986 Shelley A. Bader, Ed.D.
1985 Robert M. Brecht, Ph.D.


Special Service

Recognizes members of HeSCA who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the Association by virtue of a singular, outstanding achievement.

2008 Robin Fisher
2007 Mark Saba
1998 Ellen J. Marino
1997 Carol Beckerman
1997 Carol Hampton
1996 Richard McNeely
1996 Karen Snyder
1996 Joseph A. Day
1995 Jim E. Barrett, Ph.D.
1993 Patricia A. Barr
1992 David M. Milner
1992 Arlyn Bonfield
1992 Sandra J. Benson
1991 Jeffrey A. Hollway, Ed.D.
1991 Christine D. Frank
1990 Thomas A. Singarella, Ph.D.
1990 Evi Davenport
1990 Diane E. Heestand, Ed.D.
1988 Frank D. Allan, Ph.D.
1987 Anthony R. Kwak, Ed.D.
1984 Gloria “Corki” Wilson 


HeSCA/JBC Literary Award

Recognizes the best Journal of Biocommunication article of the year by a HeSCA member.

2012 Mark Saba
2001 Shelley Bader, Ed.D
1998 Dany Fields
1997 Patrick J. Lynch, M.S.
1996 Craig Locatis
1994 Reba Benschoter, Ph.D.
1993 Logan T. Ludwig, Ph.D.
1992 Thomas A. Singarella, Ph.D.
1992 Shelley A. Bader, Ph.D.
1991 Anthony R. Kwak, Ed.D.
1990 James B. Battles, Ph.D.
1989 Thomas A. Singarella, Ph.D.
1989 Shelley A. Bader, Ed. D.