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Levitra is a multi functional drug for any man.

How to take Levitra

There haven’t been invented more effective drugs than PDE-5 inhibitors for elimination of erectile problems. These are Viagra based on Sildenafil, Cialis based on Tadalafil and Levitra with the active substance of Vardenafil. The latter is considered to be the best line of PDE-5 blockers, as it appeared later than others and has an improved formula.

Principle of operation

This drug group is the same and is based on the ability of nitric oxide (NO) to influence the behavior of other cells in the body.
During sexual arousal, NO is released in the tissues of the male organ, under the influence of which the production of the enzyme cGMP increases, which relaxes the walls of the vessels, supplying the penis with blood. Getting more blood, the sexual organ grows by leaps and bounds. Phosphodiesterase of the 5th type causes the breakdown of cGMP and the impossibility of erection as a consequence. Vardenafil blocks the ability of PDE-5, establishing the sexual abilities of men by 10-12 hours.

Advantages of Levitra (Vardenafil).

It affects PDE-5, which is able to slow down the erection. Unlike its predecessors, Levitra has virtually no effect on PDE-6, which affects color perception and PDE-11, taking part in the production of sperm in men.

The degree of influence on phosphodiesterase-5 is 10 times more powerful than Viagra. Due to this, Levitra acts at any severity of male disorder, regardless of the age of the man. Levitra is suitable for all men with complaints of erection.
Levitra is able to eliminate sexual dysfunction.

Men with diabetes are recommended to buy Levitra and not other stimulants.
Pills for potency with Vardenafil have a good cumulative effect. The natural ability to erect and its quality are restored after 4 weeks of regular reception (depending on the initial state of health). You will need less and less medical help before sex.

Levitra is the most active drug.

Vardenafil acts in optimal amount of time, from 10 to 12 hours. For comparison, Viagra works 4-6 hours, which is not enough, and Cialis works 32-36 hours, which is too long for many men.

Levitra is suitable for men who suffer from high blood pressure, as this drug has the property to lower blood pressure.
Compared with Viagra and its analogues, Levitra has the lowest risk of side effects.

Objectively speaking, the usefulness of the result is simply not comparable to Levitra.

The original drug is the development of the German drug Bayer, but now the Indian generic, which is not inferior in quality, is produced at different factories.

Levitra instructions for use

You can order Levitra in the following packages:

  • Levitra tablets 10 mg-the lowest dosage used. It is recommended for primary use. It is taken orally within an hour before a date.
  • Levitra pills 20 mg is a standard dosage for men with normal weight. You should take the drug with water within an hour before sexual intercourse.
  • Levitra pills 40 mg – the dose is doubled for large men (over 100 kg). It acts after 50-60 minutes, and used orally.
  • Levitra pill 60 mg has cost-effective packaging, which involves the division of the pill in 2/3/4 portions. It is used within 60 minutes before sex.

Levitra jelly-pathogen in jelly-like form is packed in portion sticks. It is quickly absorbed and begins to act after 20-30 minutes.
Levitra dissolvable pills for potency. They are soft, but very effective. You need to dissolve the pill within 20-25 minutes before sex.
You may take Levitra in any form and dosage no more than once a day, it is better not to mix it with food. Alcohol does not affect the effect of the drug, but it should be avoided, so as not to create an additional load on the body.

Contraindications and side effects

When taking Levitra avoid:

  • products with organic nitrates, indinavir, ritonavir;
  • treatment with any other inhibitors;
  • if you have individual allergic reaction to Vardenafil.

You should use a male stimulant with caution, after consulting with a doctor.
Side effects are transient and occur in less than 10% of men. The highest probability is: nasal sinus congestion, dizziness and excessive blood flow to the face.