Mobile Health Tech

At this year’s event, we are introducing a new vendor Mobile Health Tech ( that offers the latest innovations in mobile healthcare solutions.

Mobile Health Tech offers a suite of customizable healthcare applications including mPRO Care™, designed to improve patient health outcomes using customizable regimens and protocols for text reminders. mPRO Care™ helps improve medication and treatment compliance by facilitating a higher lever of health management for patients with chronic conditions like diabetes, asthma, heart disease, pain and obesity.
mPRO Care™ supports:
• Better patient compliance and improved quality of life
• Improved regularity of medication applications
• Better tracking of medication effectiveness
• Less time and cost with remote patient management
• Enhanced communication between all stakeholders – patients, doctors, hospitals, brands
• Greater speed and convenience in accessing health care information
• Increased loyalty from physicians and patients
• Reduced condition flare-up rates
• All phases of clinical trials and research

Mobile Call Center

To see a live demonstration, please stop by their table on Friday morning.

If you need additional information please contact Dianne Gibbs @ 314-570-7777